If you would like to work with others and help them attain success in their health and other endeavors, then you might want to come to work for us!

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Come Join Our team !

Bangor Nursing and Rehabilitation is a private non-profit skilled nursing facility! What does that mean to you? It means all decisions are made locally - not by some impersonal corporate office in another state. Our philosophy is quality of care, not maximizing profits. Out staffing is very good, our expectations for performance high, and the food we serve to our residents is excellent. And we respect and listen to our employees!


If you would like to consider working with us, then please complete an application and come for an interview. You can find an Employment Application to download in the Resources panel to the left.


Our benefits are terrific! Call our Human Resources Representative for information.

Top Wages
Plenty of Time Away From Work
Excellent Health Care
Two Dental options
Life Insurance provided


We would welcome you as a volunteer! You might greet individuals who come to the facility and help them locate a friend of relative in the center. Or you could help with activities, working with groups of patients or residents, or one-on-one, from reading to a resident to playing chess in the lounge!

Call our Activities Director for information about volunteering, and find satisfaction in being involved in the best skilled nursing facility in the area!