Bangor, Maine

Understanding Day 1

At Bangor Nursing & Rehabilitation Center we make the transition of day one as stress free as possible. We understand the anxiety of leaving your loved one in care of others and we are committed to taking care of them as if they were our own.

  • WE communicate with the transferring hospital to ensure that we have all of the medical records, medications, supplies, equipment and other special resident information.
  • WE want to make certain that our resident upon arrival is comfortable. After a reasonable time adjusting to new surroundings, we’ll introduce our Support Team, one by one, and make certain that we offer refreshments and food when the time is right, or upon request.
  • WE will schedule a meeting with the resident’s family, and or POA, to discuss their stay, our programs, any special needs or requests you may have, laundry requirements, contracts, visitation, and a DISCHARGE PLAN within 48 hours of admission.

Advancing Tomorrow, Together, Today!

You’ll meet our Inter-Disciplinary Care Team: Director of Nursing, Social Services, Therapy, Activities, Dining and Administration staff. We get together on Day 1 to plan your discharge goals!

Did you know?
We’re Bangor areas ONLY non-profit nursing home.