Bangor, Maine

BNRC Questions & Answers

Yes, we are. BNRC can admit Medicare, Medicaid/MaineCare, Medicare Part C and Private Pay accommodations.

Yes. Upon admission all residents are explained about their "Resident Rights" and we provide the resident, their primary contact person or other responsible party a copy of all related policies in place, as well as other documents to make their stay more enjoyable.

Yes! In fact, we have at least 1 RN on-site 24 hours per day and 7 days per week! In many cases we have two licensed nursing staff on duty 24/7.

Yes we do. Our beauty shop is open one day per week by appointments only, for a nominal fee. BNRC does not retain any portion of the charges. All fees go directly toward the beauty shop attendant.

Yes. While we provide laundry service to most of the residents, at no charge, they can choose to have someone else launder their clothes for them, such as a family member. Residents make this choice at admission to the nursing home.

Certainly! There is a nominal charge of $3 charge to the person joining the resident.

You would need permission from the nursing home prior to bringing in any furniture. The State Fire Marshal’s Office requires nursing homes to ensure any furniture brought in from outside of the nursing home be inspected by the nursing home to ensure that the item(s) meet federal and state fire protection and prevention standards.

Yes! Residents select meal choices a few days in advance of the start of the next food service schedule. There are at least two options to choose from. If a resident doesn’t like those choices, or on the day of service change their mind, we always have a Go-To menu available for them to select from.

Yes. Each resident has a bedside telephone in their room. We can also schedule "Face Time" appointments and "ZOOM" meetings for them to join you for a more personal conversation. We also provide you with an opportunity to EMAIL a resident at any time. Simply send your email to and place in the SUBJECT line the first initial of their first name and the last three initials of their last name. For example: Clara Barton would be CBAR.

Yes! We have a very robust activities program: Live musical performance, Arts and Crafts, BINGO, Movie Theater, Karaoke, Baking Classes, our ever popular monthly "Breakfast Belgium Waffle Club," a "Make Your Own Pizza" monthly luncheon, holiday celebrations, a monthly Birthday Celebration, and many many more activities.