It is the mission of BNRC to provide the highest level of care with the highest level of quality, competency, and professionalism that focuses on the health and well-being of the community it serves.

Welcome To Our Facility!

Whether you need skilled medical services, rehabilitation therapies or simply come to our center to live, Bangor Nursing and Rehabilitation is the best in the area. Often individuals have multiple needs, and 24/7 skilled medical care is a necessity. We have been voted BEST NURSING FACILITY for the last three years running. Our skilled nursing staff, working together with rehabilitation, social service, activities and dietary, deliver excellent clinical outcomes. We provide extensive medical care coordinated by the development of an individual care plan and reviewed by an interfunctional team of medical professionals.

Bangor Nursing and Rehabilitation is a FIVE STAR Facility in Quality and Staffing!

Professional Physical, Speech and Occupational Therapy

Uniquely provided in-house, our professional rehabilitation team is here to help you recover in the shortest possible time.

Professional Physical, Speech and Occupational Therapy
Skilled Nursing

Skilled Nursing

We provide an individualized set of goals to enable a safe return home. Our skilled licensed staff provides complex care around the clock.

Skilled Nursing

Memory Care

Our dedicated Memory Care unit  focuses on delivery of a varied, relevant and enriching resident care experience. We realize the...

Memory Care

Wonderful Lifestyles Continue Here:

Not only do we provide exceptional care, but we also have the following amenities at no cost for your therapeutic and recreational needs:


Available free in all rooms.


Available in every room.

Cable TV

Free in all rooms.

Excellent meals

Top-quality meals support great health and happiness.

Activities and Community

Your entertainment choices are important to you. Let us know what you want to do!

Bangor Nursing and Rehabilitation offers a rich activities program designed to keep all our residents and patients engaged, and anticipating what each new day might hold. Whether our guests are here for a short rehabilitative stay or have chosen to make Bangor Nursing their home, our goal is to ensure that everyone's interests and leisure pursuits are met.

Skilled Medical Care

Whether you need complex clinical care following surgery, or have needs attendant on a cardiac event, diabetes, wound care, dialysis, or nearly any other complication requiring a need for 24 hour nursing oversight, Bangor Nursing is here to help you get well. Our round-the-clock RN staff supervises your individual care to ensure you get the help you need for a safe return.

Administrator, Bangor Nursing and Rehabilitation Center

Brett Seekins

We are pleased to service your needs, and think you will find us a facility like no other!

Brett Seekins

It's All About Your Well-Being.

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Your Health

From our focus on quality foods to our experienced and eduated staff, your health is in great hands with us.

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Your Happiness

Your happiness is our prime target -- everything we do leads to this consistent state of mind.

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Your Reassurance

What you see is what you get -- something very worth appreciating! Tour our facility and get to see why we are your best choice.

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