Bangor, Maine

BNRC - Advancing Tomorrow, Together, Today

Bangor Nursing & Rehabilitation Center has been providing services to the Bangor area, in some form or other, since 1828. Our heritage goes back to serving as the former Dow Air Force Base Hospital and Bangor Hospital.

Did you know?
We have a very robust Activities Program.

We’re a "community-driven" nursing home that reports to a Board of Director’s that make up the best of the best in the Bangor area, having served careers in a variety of industries.

Did you know?
We have an Inter-Disciplinary Care Team that focuses on resident care every day.

Making Communications Easy

Communicating with your loved one while you’re away - not a problem! Each resident has their own telephone. Schedule a "Face Time" call or multiple parties can schedule a "ZOOM" meeting. You can always email a resident at including the first initial of their first name and first three initials of their last name in the subject line. We will print the email off and hand them to the recipient.