Bangor, Maine

This Just In...

Dear friends,

You should know that Bangor Nursing and Rehabilitation Center has been working tirelessly and very closely with Federal and State regulatory bodies, as well as the Bangor Department of Public Health, to develop a comprehensive COVID-19 response to the global pandemic. The safety of the residents and our staff is behind every decision that we make.

While visitation is strictly prohibited under most circumstances, we are conducting much of the same programming we held prior to our notice by the CDC to limit our guests. We continue to offer daily activities, support our meal programs, provide Social Services for those that may be struggling with change and remain present in the resident’s daily life.

We regularly check on the welfare of every resident, and all employees. We have daily health screenings that analyze COVID-19 symptomatic and asymptomatic conditions that all employees must pass, prior to entrance to the nursing home to begin their shift. Our daily clinical rounds also include monitoring residents for these same conditions.

Our nursing home remains COVID-19 free and we will remain vigilant in our efforts to keep this threat from our door step.

We will continue to update you on our COVID-19 Response. To the many that have sent email, cards, notes, left voicemail thanking us, wishing us well and praying for us - we are humbled and honored to receive your good graces.