How Your Gift Can Help

Your simple act of kindness, expressed through your gift, helps us to provide a continuum of services and compassionate care to support the aging process and to enhance the spiritual, physical, social and emotional wholeness of our residents, and team members.

You may specify your gift be designated to any of the following areas:

Where it's needed most

Provides flexibility to help where need is the greatest 

Your unrestricted gift allows us to meet current operating needs, purchase wish list items identified by our residents, initiate programs and meet unforeseen emergencies that cannot otherwise be accommodated with the annual budget. Give Now>

Activities Program

Keeping loneliness at bay and promoting independence

It is the mission of our Activities Program to provide activities that stimulate our resident’s mental and emotional health.  Our holistic approach takes into account the importance of creating a living environment that revolves around close relationships and meaningful activities.  Gifts to our Activities Program will go toward helping to alleviate loneliness, helplessness and boredom and promoting independence, growth and living a meaningful life.  Give Now >

Benevolent Care

Providing independence and dignity

Most of our long-term care residents have their care covered by Medicaid which does not offset the full cost of care.  Additionally, the only $40 a month Personal Needs Allowance (PNA) Medicaid provides to residents is often not enough for them purchase items not included in their care.  For many residents, loved ones can help close the financial gap. But for others without a support system, they face this challenge alone.  Your gift helps residents maintain dignity and independence by helping them purchase essentials and small indulgences not allowed by Medicaid’s Personal Needs Allowance like stamps, a cell phone and monthly service, a haircut, favorite snacks, new clothing or a birthday gift for a grandchild. Give Now >

Spiritual Care/Mission Program

Helping bring faith and spirituality to the elderly, the sick and the dying in a ministry of love

As a member of Covenant Health, a non-profit health system and leader in Catholic values-based health and elder care, we are dedicated to protecting and maintaining our Catholic identity and mission.  Your gift to our Spiritual Care Program will provide spiritual care for residents and families, guiding them through the fear, loss and anxiety that can come as they redefine meaning and purpose for their future living here at Mary Immaculate.  Our spiritual care program also provides comfort and support to our elders as they navigate difficult health decisions and news, cope with the stress of illness, and manage loneliness.

Your gift will also support the care and maintenance of our chapel and the many activities to support the spiritual health of our residents, including: celebration of the Mass and the occasion to receive the sacraments, gatherings to pray the Rosary, prayer services for those who have suffered a loss and ongoing support groups.  Give Now >

Helping Hands Employee Emergency Assistance Fund

Helping our Helpers in their time of financial need

Our staff have always served our residents with love, patience, and true kindness. When sudden hardships arise, like a car repair or medical emergency, our staff can rest assured that we are here to help. No staff member should ever have to feel like they are alone when emergencies strike. Your gift will provide life-changing grants to our staff, so they can do what they love while knowing they will be taken care of in their time of true need.  Give Now >

Memory Care Unit/Programs

Enhancing lives through kindness, compassion and a thorough understanding of the challenges memory loss presents

Memory loss is a challenge impacting many families.  Our memory support services provide specialized care for those with Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias.  Your gift will enable us to provide a safe and structured environment with activities and community programs designed to promote healthy brain function, reduce stress and help residents feel safe in their day-to-day lives. Give Now>

Reasons to Choose Bangor Nursing & Rehabilitation Center

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