Do You Know Where My House Is?

Right before COVID-19 hit the United States, a plan was set forth to change the look of the walls in the facility, for the residents. It was one resident who sparked the idea when they said, “Do you know where my house is?”

Hallway at BNRC
Well, even the best of us could easily get just as lost as the resident was when every door and all the walls look the same. If they want a house, then let’s paint them a house.

The Activity Director, Harrison Ankers, ordered gallons of paint and consulted with the fire marshal about what could and could not be painted.

What transpired after was individual house facades, sky, landscapes, and many things to look at.  Even the hallway leading to the dining room was brightly painted with bold food, which helped residents to recognize the hallway leading to the dining room. Family members were also overjoyed with the art, many commented that the new look to the walls makes the facility warmer and homier.

Double doors painted at BNRC

COVID halted the project, but at some point soon, the project will continue.

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